What if we succeed? 2

In his piece, “Programmed Instruction Revisited,” B. F. Skinner discusses the concepts of behaviorism in the context of programmed testing and teaching machines, as those developed by Sidney Pressey as well as himself. He makes the argument that especially his design for a testing and teaching machine is effective at improving the rate at which […]

What’s in a name?

Premise Our names are exactly that: our own. We might not have been the ones who chose them, but we are the ones who own and define them. Whatever the etymology of “Petr” is, I am the one who defines what the particular instance of “Petr” that I am actually means. Obviously, there are tangible […]

Life Tracing

In complexity theory, there is the idea that even in extremely chaotic and complex systems where there are initially no patterns, order eventually spontaneously emerges. This “spontaneous order” then becomes a pattern that propagates throughout the whole system. I think that this is an incredibly powerful idea because we can apply it to one of […]

Lifelong Learning for How Long a Life? 2

When we talk about lifelong learning, are we fully aware of what that means? More importantly, are our education systems?   If we take a look at life expectancy and the number of years one spends in schooling throughout some points in history, we see some interesting patterns emerge. Specifically, we notice that life expectancy […]

Portfolio of Work 1

I love making things. I also love having a tangible product to show for my work. The combination of these two passions is very useful when when someone – at a job interview or at a dinner party – asks you: “What do you do? What are examples of your work?” When interviewing others for […]

What if there were a Stanford Age?

Thus far, we have recorded major stretches of our human history in terms of the materials that defined the advancement of our civilization for that period of time. Examples include the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, and so on. The underlying mechanism for this naming is that iron was better than bronze and bronze […]