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Fondly Gritty Experiences

For the @Stanford project, my project partner and I created a survey for students in an introductory materials science course. The audience included all levels of undergraduate education, with the majority being freshmen and sophomores. We have since used this survey in other courses (including one with primarily PhD students). In the survey, we asked […]

Loop/Spiral Framework as Lynchpin for Multiple Futures

At the Stanford 2025 exhibit, we unveiled four different visions that emerged out of the @Stanford project’s experiments. My experiments produced intriguing results and I integrated them into my life when I got the opportunity to decide between going back full-time into the startup and venture capital world or pursuing a PhD degree here at Stanford. One […]

Looping Education

As part of the @Stanford project that culminated with the Stanford 2025 event, I re-imagined my life journey in a looping rather than a linear structure. The diagrams in this post became part of the Stanford 2025 exhibit, explaining and supplementing the looping mechanism behind the Open Loop University concept. From a very low-resolution hand-drawn prototype, […]

Adding color to my resume

I have been experimenting with color-coding my resume. The reason is two-fold. On one hand, I have noticed that reading a black-and-white resume still requires reading and scanning rather than actually looking and seeing. With the black-and-white, I tend to focus on individual items, whereas with the color-coded one, I tend to focus on patterns. […]

Emotional Nature of Knowledge 1

So much of our interest in learning and education currently revolves around identifying, acquiring, and assessing knowledge. In other words, we are trying to find better and better ways to know what to learn, how to learn it, and how to know that we learned it. Implicitly, we are treating knowledge as a cold hard […]

Education as the Wisest Investment

It seems to me that every time I fly in the US, I end up seeing the HSBC advertisements about future possibilities somewhere in the terminal. I like the advertisements in general and this one in particular because of its underlying assumption: that education is not the wisest investment today. The advertisement states that: “In […]

Experimental Trajectories for @Stanford

As part of the @Stanford project, run out of the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (the dschool), we are looking at what Stanford and education in general might look like in the future. To that end, this quarter we get to experiment and explore in all possible directions. After a few weeks of […]

Multi-Dimensional Learning = Multi-Dimensional Learners

In some of my previous posts, I experiment with how to represent complex information through life tracing and even analyzing my own name. The reason I am fascinated by these exercises is that our lives are inherently complex systems interacting with other complex systems that exist within ever-larger complex systems. And yet…we can make sense of it…or at […]

How to Train Your (Subconscious) Dragon

I recently read Bernhard Moestl’s book Jak naplno využít sílu své mysli or Die Kunst, einen Drachen zu reiten in the original German, I believe. He repurposes an allegedly Shaolin argument that helps explain in more concrete ways how the different parts of our mind operate together. The argument goes as follows: there are three parts […]

The Worst…and Best Possible Future for Education

A significant portion of current education research, entrepreneurship, and policy is dedicated to the pursuit of one goal: efficiency. Specifically, efficiency in terms of acquisition and absorption of content or subject matter. I am rather fascinated by this obsession and we can see it what the logical conclusion is as we continue following this road. […]