About empredu

This website is a place to break through what is happening and not happening in education to explore and develop a philosophy for education that I currently believe in: that education is fundamentally about emprise, a bold/daring chivalrous enterprise. What if education were about something (much) more than just being a student, learner, or even entrepreneur? What if education itself were an emprise?


What this form of education requires and what it would look like and feel like is very much what I am here to discover. Growing up, I was surrounded by stories as much of successful real-life political revolutionaries as fictional dragon-slaying heroes. And even if the former is not true for everyone, then the latter most certainly is. Think back to the stories you grew up with as a child. Did you hear and read stories of young boys stealing treasure away from giants or young girls infiltrating orders of knights? Did you hear stories about children rising above what society had intended? I remember hearing them and then turning a bucket into a helmet or a bicycle into an X-Wing. I remember that feeling of wanting to take on the world and fly spaceships and fight dragons. Don’t you?


Our parents, our literature, our culture all infuse within us so many fantastic ideals:

  • that being true to yourself is the highest ideal
  • that rising above your initial conditions is possible as well as probable
  • that taking on large and scary challenges is the way to grow in life
  • that everything works out in the end despite what it might feel and look like in the moment
  • that a meaningful and enjoyable life is about taking action, journey, and adventure

So then why…just why would we be happy with the prospect of sitting – physically and emotionally inactive – at a small desk, listening to an adult they barely know about a subject they might not even care about, and working on assignments they can neither choose nor escape? We fill them with adventure – and rightfully so! – only to then take it away.


Let’s keep children adventurous and happy and wondrous. Let’s do the same for ourselves. Let’s keep emprise alive. Let’s go!