Qualitative Research – Clifford Geertz Highlights

Qualitative research can be genuinely confusing and challenging to navigate – it opens the door for us to investigate and interrogate our own subjectivities, after all! By far, my favorite reading about the nature and practice of qualitative research is Clifford Geertz’s essay “Thick Description: Toward an Interpretive Theory of Culture.” Navigating that writing can be […]

Course Guide – Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research is absolutely fascinating and, I believe, changing rapidly as more and more learning researchers explore how to engage in it rigorously in online learning environments. To help navigate some of the available courses at Stanford, I have created a downloadable guide to qualitative research methods courses. I am pasting in the images of […]

Course Guide – Learning Courses for Scientists and Engineers

As more and more scientists and engineers are becoming interested in exploring what education has to offer, I have created a downloadable guide to learning courses that I have taken here at Stanford. I am pasting in the images of the two pages below. I hope that it serves you well 🙂   If you […]

Year of LDT in Review

After an amazing year of Learning, Design and Technology (LDT), I made a portfolio that summarizes my experience with the program and shows my growth as much through the content as through the format itself 🙂   Overview     To download the interactive PDF version of this two-page portfolio, click on the following link: LDT Interactive Portfolio […]

A New Way to Capture Book Insights

To get smart on multiple fields for making our LDT masters project work, my project partner and I have been reading a lot every week. We have been reading everything from academic journals and research handbooks to science books and spiritual paperbacks. Looking at the rather large stack of books in my living room one […]

The Wave Diagram

As I was deciding whether or not to pursue a PhD in the field of education here at Stanford, I noticed that I kept talking, thinking, and writing about “momentum.” I communicated as much to others as to myself some momentum that was pulling me in one direction or pushing me in another. To explore […]

To PhD or Not to PhD

A few months ago, I put myself in a very interesting position: I got to decide if I wanted to begin a professional investing career through venture capital and startups or begin an education research career through a PhD program. In the statement above, I employ two specific phrases intentionally. First, although this was a […]

The Learner’s Toolkit

Math. Science. History. English. These are some of the domains we might encounter as students. We learn content in each, most probably isolated from everything else we learn. Multiple schools, researchers, and educators are looking for ways to combine these domains. For example, the Common Core Standards are looking to weave more of the content […]

Stanford 2025 Exhibit Board

As part of the Stanford 2025 exhibit, the independent experimenters could take up the opportunity to create a 6’x8′ board with content that explained the key findings from their experiments. Below is the board that I showcased during the event.